Painting v. Staining

Shaker peg rails are attractive and functional whether painted or stained. The Shakers employed both methods of finishing. Painting the rails (often those made of pine) allows one to match the walls in a room, or add a colorful accent. Staining rails (especially hardwoods such as cherry or maple) emphasizes the natural beauty of the wood, and can be matched to trim or other furnishings. Pine rails may also be stained with one additional step, depending on the desired aesthetic of the room.

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Painting your peg rail is an easy way to add a beautiful accent to your room. Traditionally, the Shakers’ palette included vibrant yellows, subdued reds, and muted greens and blues. Decide how you . . .

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Staining peg rails protects the wood and enhances its natural beauty. Maple and cherry rails (hardwoods) take stain well. While rails made of pine are often painted, with one extra step they can . . .