Staining peg rails protects the wood and enhances its natural beauty. Maple and cherry rails (hardwoods) take stain well. While rails made of pine are often painted, with one extra step they can also be stained.

What you’ll need:
•  wood conditioner (pine only)
•  wood stain in your chosen color
•  soft rag or paint brush
•  drop cloth
•  sandpaper (150 to 220 grit)
•  wood filler (optional)
•  satin-finish polyurethane or paste wax (optional)
•  gloves (optional)

Step 1

(Pine only) Use a wood conditioning product to avoid stain blotching. Follow manufacturer’s instructions.

1. condition (5).JPG

Step 2

Using a soft cloth or paint brush, apply stain (following manufacturer’s instructions). Wipe off any excess—don’t allow the stain to sit in pools. If you want a deeper color, apply a second coat after the first has dried.

2. stain (26).JPG

Step 3

stain- 3. paste wax.JPG

For extra protection, you may wish to apply satin finish polyurethane (brush or wipe-on product) or paste wax.