Contemporary Design

Shaker peg rails have many applications in contemporary settings, whether you are aiming for a vintage or Shaker-inspired look, or just Shaker practicality in a more modern space.

In the gallery are examples of using peg rails in a modern but Shaker-inspired home. Many of the the furnishings—the chairs, clock, broom, and hanging cupboard—are explicitly Shaker designs, and much of the rest is following a similar aesthetic. The couch and chair, for example, are modern in style, but follow the Shaker interest in simplicity .

Simplicity and practicality are key components in Shaker peg rails. In these spaces, they serve both a decorative and functional purpose. Hanging above the fireplace are antique cheese molds, alongside a Shaker broom, an antique bed warmer (not Shaker), and a cupboard inspired by designs from Mount Lebanon Shaker Site (used to hold stationary and small craft supplies). Around the holidays, the cheese molds come down and the family Christmas stockings go up. More peg rails can be found in the laundry room/pantry, mudroom, master bedroom, home office, and garage.